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Meet Our Strategic Centre

The Strategic Centre is an internal organizational unit of the CETC-EGTC Ltd., responsible for strategic planning, started its operation in December 2015. The team of 3 experts with extensive experience is working to turn dreams and ideas of the 10 regions which form a Grouping into reality.

The Centre’s objective is to conduct and implement the Grouping’s activities such as:

    1. Coordinating tasks concerning the strategic planning and analysis of work relating to the Grouping, in particular, the development of strategic analyses and studies;
    2. Cooperating with Member States, their bodies and organisations concerned with the coordination of transport strategies with strategies of other specialist sectors, and, if need be, developing specialised materials for decision makers;
    3. Participating in the establishment of the legal environment promoting the establishment and development of national and international transport corridors and systems connected with the objectives of the Grouping; thus providing the Grouping members with arguments concerning the development of relevant legislation;
    4. Coordinating the work connected with the assessment of already completed strategic tasks and developing relevant reports, if so needed;
    5. Examining the budgetary sources of the Member States and the European Union that might support the objectives of the Grouping in order to contribute both to the establishment and development of specific transport networks and to commence, through supporting members, the designing of the said networks coordinated by the Member States or the Grouping and day-to-day updating and maintaining of source map databases for the purpose concerned;
    6. Participating in the strategic development of transport programmes and arranging tenders for construction work supporting the implementation of the objectives of the Grouping, as well as in the activities of the related committees;
    7. Establishing relations with competing international transport knowledge centres on the regional, national (Member State) and European Union levels;
    8. Monitoring innovative trends in transport and developing strategic forecasts;
    9. Contributing to the popularisation of the results related to achieving the objectives of transport development supported by the Grouping and to the enhancement of public awareness in this specific area;
    10. Organising industry events, issuing publications, coordinating professional networks.
    11. Preparing applications for securing EU funds (and in particular as part of the ECT).
    12. Cooperating with the Grouping’s Secretariat on non-investment projects supported with EU funds.

The Strategic Centre is implementing its tasks according to the workplan, which can be found in the “Downloads”.

If you have any questions or ideas how we can cooperate please feel free to contact us.


Head of Strategic Centre of CETC- EGTC Ltd.

mobile: +36 20 328 6270

e-mail: csengodi.sandor@zalamaegye.hu

skype: csndgsndr

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