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REIF project meetng – Ljubljana/Koper

REIF project meetng – Ljubljana/Koper

REIF partners are working hard to achieve all goals of the project! The 3rd meeting of the REIF Project Steering Group was held in Ljubljana on February 4th 2020, and in Koper on February 5th 2020. On the first day the main focus was on the baseline studies of each region. Each partner presented their baseline study through fact sheets which contained the territorial analysis of the region, including the region’s catchment area, position within the TEN-T network, the region’s railway network, its terminals, access points and electrification as well as the region’s modal split and freight flows. Along with the territorial analysis, the partners presented their mapping of relevant regional stakeholders and the SWOT analysis for the region. During the meeting, a presentation on railway freight thoughts and lessons was presented by Prof. Michael Lehmann. The presentation introduced DAC (digitised automated coupling) to the partners as one of the solutions to the railway not being able to adapt to the fast changes of industries and sectors as well as road freight is. Smart transfer points and horizontal container movers were presented as way to enable simple access to offering regional freight services. Pilot activities were presented and it is estimated that they will be starting as soon as April 2020. On the second day partners had a field visit to the Port of Koper.

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