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REIF Transnational Policy Conference

REIF Transnational Policy Conference


We are delighted to invite you to participate in REIF Interreg CETRAL EUROPE project Transnational Policy Conference, which will be held on 19th October 2021

Central Europe is facing strong growth in traffic volumes. Current forecasts predict that until 2030 there will likely be a significant increase in the volume of freight moved in central Europe. In contrast, rail freight’s market share of the total volume of freight moved has decreased significantly despite its high business potential. This potential is compounded by the wide access to railway sidings connected to modernized railway lines, which give access to sea ports. The activities of the carriers, which consist in extending their service offerings with new activities and investments in new rolling stock or expansion of terminals, and the infrastructure managers in infrastructure investments with a special reference to the port infrastructure, also offer great hope for development. However, even the multitude of advantages of rail transport will not help in the face enormous competition from road transport without stakeholder support.

From the very start of the REIF project we’ve been working to find and adopt the best ways on support rail freight transport. Our work has proven to be ever more relevant now, as new challenges have aroused. REIF project partnership is here to suggest solutions for a more green and well connected Central Europe and hope you will join us at the  Transnational Policy Conference. We wish to share the project findings, receive guidance on the further directions of work and arrange for discussing topics associated with regional rail freight transport

Registration for the event is required and can be completed here.

The conference is organized in the framework of the REIF project https://www.interreg-central.eu/Content.Node/REIF.html

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