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Series of Conferences

Series of Conferences

In Autumn 2012 will see the inauguration of a series of three international conferences on the socio-economic development of the regions located in the area of the Central European Transport Corridor (CETC-ROUTE65). The seventeen partner regions of the CETC-ROUTE65 Initiative continue in this way their work commenced several years ago. This year’s conferences will constitute a platform for the exchange of experience and new ideas within the scope of the development of transport infrastructure, European territorial cooperation with the prospect of enlarging the European Union by new Member States, socio-economic development, and the growing CETC-ROUTE65 macroregion. In the course of the CETC Initiative, the regions have been fostering a content-related active discussion on the sustainable development of the transport network in the Central Europe, with special focus on the freight transport corridors utilizing environment-friendly solutions.

Conferences will take place in three Central European cities. The first one entitled “WAYS TO BE DEVELOPED” will be held in October in Wrocław/Lower Silesia/Poland and will concern i.e. the development initiatives and infrastructure in Central Europe area, correlation of national and regional internal policies and the integrated corridor cooperation concept. The next one entitled “CETC-EGTC: network – growth – profit” will be held in Rijeka/Croatia in November 2012 and will address territorial cooperation for the socio-economic development of the CETC-ROUTE65 macroregion. The third and last one summarizing conference will be held in December in Brussels, and will be dedicated to the transport infrastructure as an essential condition for the cohesion of the “old” and “new” European States.

The whole event is addressed to the representatives of the EU administration, state administrations (at the central and local levels),scientific circles and entrepreneurs.

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