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The Supply Chain Conference of the Rail Industry

The conference is organized in coordination with Deutsche Bahn AG according to the four strategic objectives of the railway industry. These objectives will be in focus and will guide all speeches and workshops, on both conference days.


The railway industry, one of the three major transportation industries in Europe next to air and road, is under pressure. In order to let European rail survive in intermodal competition, it is crucial to have clear priorities, improved efficiency, most reliable systems and the favor of the customer.


Once with sole national focus, the railway industry globalizes continuously. Politically ambitioned market openings, growing international trade (globalization) as well as economic developments in other parts of the world force European rail producers to act. New players, especially from Asia, access the European market with end products (e.g. trains & rail cars) and spare parts (e.g. wheel sets), effectively globalizing railway supply chains.


How do operators and customers benefit from connected trains? Which digitization steps are useful and add value, which are just a gimmick? What role does the digitization of the rail infrastructure play en route to a more efficient rail system? The participants of the RAILWAY FORUM Berlin will discuss these questions from different perspectives, considering the conditions required for digitization and define the measures that need to be taken in the industry.


Many partly disruptive innovations such as autonomous drones in logistics, or self-propelled taxis come within reach. Automation won’t stop at the rail industry. So the question is, what is required to exploit the full potential of automation in the railway industry.


When? 30.08.2017 – 31.08.2017

Where? Estrel Convention Center, Berlin

Why attend?

750 Conference Participants from Management & Expert Positions

110 Decision Makers from Deutsche Bahn AG Procurement & Technology Departments

100 Exhibitors in the Innovation Exhibition

80 Partners & Sponsors

24 Keynotes & Track Speeches

6 Plant Tours

5 Workshops, 1 Panel Discussion, 1 Round Table

Patrons of the conference: Uwe Günther, CPO, Deutsche Bahn AG, Rolf Härdi, CTO, Deutsche Bahn AG

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