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Varaždin County is located on the north of Croatia, very close to Slovenia and Hungary.


It encompasses 1261 km2 and has 190.000 inhabitants. The Varaždin county borders with Međimurje county on the north, Krapina-Zagorje county on the southwest, Zagreb county on the south, and Koprivnica-Križevci county on the southeast. Main towns in Varaždin County include: Varaždin, Ivanec, Ludbreg, Lepoglava, Novi Marof and Varaždinske Toplice. In spite of being one of the smallest among 22 counties, Varaždin is one of the most developed regions and counties in Croatia.

The main city and administrative centre is the town of Varaždin, with a population of around 50.000 people. Varaždin is famous for its Baroque splendour, its music and art, its unspoilt wild-life and unique scenery, and it is one of the most attractive destinations in Croatia. In the 18th century, Varazdin was also the Croatian capital.

Varaždin County today represents an important Croatian region with intense industrial and commercial activities and a strong financial sector. The high quality of products and services offered by county\\\’s firms are guarantors of its successful economic development on the global market. The economy of Varaždin County is focused on manufacturing industry, particularly on the following industrial branches: processing of dairy products, beverage production, meat packing industry, clothing and textile industry, metal manufacturing industry, leather footwear industry, manufacturing of high-quality wood furniture and other timber products. The Varaždin County is the only Croatian county that has exports more than it imports.

The A4 highway (part of the Pan-European Corridor VB and European route E65) passes through the county of Varaždin, connecting the Hungarian border (in the north) with the largest Croatian harbours of Rijeka and Split (in the south) and passes trough Croatian capital – Zagreb. In the longitudinal (west-east) direction, a main road passes along the valley of the Drava River, which connects Maribor (Slovenia) and Osijek. A railway line (although still unmodernized) connects Varaždin with the south (Zagreb), north (Čakovec, Budapest) and east (Koprivnica on the pan European railway corridor. A new, modern, two-track railway line from Zagreb to Rijeka is planed to be completed by 2012.

County of Varazdin


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